CanPhone 3.1 Features List

Program Features

Links To Web Browser, Fax and Email Programs

Up To Nine Phone Books

In And Out Call Logs

New Call Log

Auto Dialing

Keyboard Dialing

On Screen Keypad
Call Timer

Auto Area Code Detection

Auto Country Code Detection

Custom Dial Prefixes

Ten Speed Dial Buttons

New Calls Display
Title Bar Clock
Tool Bar

Import / Export Wizard

Online Help File

Phone Book Features for Each Client Entry

Display Client Picture

Name and Address

INet And Email Addresses
Client Time Zones
Voice Notes

Four Alarms

Four Phone Numbers
Two Pager Numbers

Two Fax Numbers

Agent Pager Number

Agent Fax Number

Phone Card Dialing
Project Codes


Numeric Paging

Forward Caller ID To Pager

Default Pager Number

Scheduled Paging


Fax Forwarding

Default Fax Number

Scheduled Faxing

Fax Viewer

Send Faxes

Receive Faxes

Caller ID

Screen Pop Caller Data

Audio Announce Callers / Numbers
Dinstintive Ring Line Display
Forward Number To Pager


Schedule Programs

Schedule Alarms
Voice Alarms



Phone Books

Call Logs

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